Our Services


We offer a variety of events to improve individual wellbeing, collaboration and communication. Our services include:

Collaborative Art Activation 

We provide Communal Art as an
activation to support a larger event or collaborate with an organization or community group to create a custom event to suit their needs and values.

Independent Events

We are the hosts of ‘Expression
Sessions’, which is an amalgamation of Communal Art, Food, Poetry and Live Music. Each session is based on topics and themes that revolve around the
human experience.

Collaborative Art Activation

This activation offers participants a
platform to express themselves
individually and collectively through
paint. We provide canvas, art supplies and facilitators to guide participants if needed.

The aim of this activation is to have
participants get in touch with their
creativity while also building upon
someone else’s work by moving around the canvas and creating one Unified Art piece.

*We offer different surfaces to mount the canvas on: Cubes, walls, tables and much more.
Information shared upon request

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